The point

always seeking never finding
for its goal is not to find but to be found in the finding
this moment contains eternity
the whole cosmic net of causality
and you can influence great swaths of it, in a relative sense
so be grateful and realize the power you’re given
to harness the potential of potentialities
to be alive, to be living


Rain of the Phoenix’s Tears

The phoenix’s tears rain
like the torrent of released energy
when the levee breaks.

The dam of repression be damned.
Let loose the flow of energy held back
the energy held back, turned upon oneself
the pressure built, against oneself.

Life is meant to flow,
like a river,
pay tribute to the tributary that is you
that is your life.
Pay respect to the ocean, the sea, the pool
of all things.

Be grateful and take pride in the release of this energy
of the tearing down of the walls of repression.
These walls which had offered their comfort of enclosure
are yet the same walls which would hold you back.
Which would keep you from moving forward.
These walls which would keep out the darkness
at the same time keep out the light.
(For they are one.)

Imprisoned you are now free.
You have let yourself be.
Darkness&Light which you had willfully ignored
streams into your now opened eyes.
Let it.
It will hurt.
Let it.
To its golden baleful energy you are unaccustomed.
But your sight will grow and you will find yourself
on the other side.
Dancing in the sun.

So dance now in the rain.
The torrent of emotion falls like sheets
on your face and mind.
But do not forget it is not a rain of defeat.
It is not a rain which does damage,
It does not wound, it does not maim.
It is the opposite.
It is the rain which washes clean
the wounds, to heal.
Phoenix’s tears, it is the healing rain.
Although it feels like pain
it is pain past being washed away
being freed.
These tears
the joy yet to come.


A Prescription for Overthinking #1

Here and Now we begin
Now and Here we fly
in the arms of time
we are embraced.

Tightly without space?
Unless you let it.
Perception is reality.

Realize all of time is here and now.
All that is and will be is here and now.
You are at the juncture of your life
in each passing moment you are alive.

Feel the moment.
Feel the time. Feel the space.
Feel the energy and the mass in your face.
It screams…
You are alive. Do not forget your place

Here and Now.

Feel your emotions
Your instincts speak
Your heart knows.
Listen to where it would lead.
The connection is made

Here and Now.

All past transgressions forgiven.
They have only lead you to here
and now.
Do not reproach their powerful sense of defeat.
Or, for that matter,
gloat at the victories at your feet.
They too have passed and can only inform
with tendrils of neural form, the

Here and Now.

You can look forward and anticipate and plan
with fear or glee
but do not forget you cannot see
the future.
You remain, you can only be
In the

Here and Now.

Feel your emotions
Your instincts speak
Your heart knows.
Listen to where it would lead.
The connection is made

Here and Now.

Carpe momentum
my dear friend.
Momentum carpe.

in the

Here and Now